COVID-19 Update from So-Mes Creation Ltd

So-Mes Creation Ltd are currently manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the NHS with our team and group of volunteers. We are able to source the fabric, cut in bulk and manufacture the PPE for it to then be distributed to the designated frontline staff.

The NHS are taking great care of our loved ones and are currently working tirelessly whilst putting their own lives at risk each day. We are constantly seeing in the media and on the daily government briefings that they have acknowledged the shortage in PPE and many small businesses like us, evidently have the correct facilities, skills and staff to act on this and start manufacturing.

Currently, several members from the So-Mes team along with family and friends are volunteering to manufacture PPE for Third Party Companies. However, it is difficult to continue this on a long-term basis as we can only cover our overheads for the business to manufacture these voluntarily for so long. We have a great enthusiastic team who are excited to produce PPE for the NHS as it is our way of saying Thank You. 

So-Mes are also adhering to the government guidelines within our facilities which include; social distancing, protection and washing of hands on a regular basis. We have supplied all our team with disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitiser as the safety of our volunteers and staff is paramount. We will continue to monitor all volunteers and staff taking part in the manufacturing process to produce PPE during this pandemic. 

Thank you to the NHS and Key Worker heroes, we all do extremely appreciate the hard work and dedication that you are putting in each day to save lives and where possible the UK economy.

Let's continue to unite and beat this together.

Please contact us on if you require any further information or would like to place an order.

Please see below our live interviews with BBC East Midlands Today lunchtime showing and evening showing, BBC Radio Leicester and Kohnioor Radio regarding the PPE for the NHS.

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