The Company was founded by Lakhvinder and Surjit over 25 years ago. Prior to this set up, they both ran a business from their garage of which they manufactured garments, and even had their own market stall. They had the ambition and determination to grow and they invested in a fit for purpose unit in Leicester, where with it's rich heritage is the hub of clothing manufacturing. 

They designed garments for Harrods in the late 80's which was a huge achievement for the small business to accomplish. They are also known for their jumpsuits, which they have been producing since they first came about and have since been adapting the styles to fit the modern day fashion.

Their Daughter Kiran joined the family run business in 2003 and with her expertise in fashion designing and her passion, has taken the business to the next level. She has created a great relationship with our regular suppliers, and worked for many years building the right network of contacts to reflect on the service that So-Mes are able to provide to you.

Their Daughter in Law Poonam also joined the So-Mes Team in 2019 with her knowledge to progress the eCommerce, Innovation and Strategic Development of the business. 

As the years have passed, we are able to see how the business economy and consumer buyers have changed. We have acted on this and broadened our clientele to continue our business growth with our drive to progress. We have adapted with the times and have evolved in the technical aspects including social media. 

Whilst technology is the way forward, we combine manual patterns and grading alongside the CAD systems. This allows us to make physical changes on patterns and play around with the styles and understand the construction.

We have a huge passion in the fashion industry which is more than just a business for us.

"Leading the way for Ethical and Sustainable British Clothing Manufacturing"

We combine over 150 years experience in bespoke design, global fabric resourcing, skilled craftsmanship, 21st Century technology and business expertise. Our Team are dedicated to ensuring this tradition of the cutting edge design and ethical manufacturing in Leicester continues, and we are extremely proud to say we are a part of this.

Sustainable textiles in the fashion industry is a growing awareness of the processes used to make clothing and the impact it has around the world. We work with materials that are blended from natural plant-based fibres to meet individual client requirements. Our manufacturing processes take place in-house, using fabric suppliers who are knitting, printing/dyeing in the UK.

We provide a great quality service to all our customers, regardless of the order quantity, to ensure we have satisfied customers.

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